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Writing & Editing Services

polls_writing_with_pen_0434_701525_answer_3_xlarge-300x202Ghost Writing Services

If you have a great story to tell or expert advice to give, but writing just isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered! Through the Random Book Series ghost writing services, we can quickly and easily turn your story or expertise into a highly entertaining or informative read to be enjoyed by readers world-wide. Best of all, your story/article will be published in one of our books, giving you full credit as the author. We will even include your biography and website address/contact info (if any) to help you build your audience or clientele if you choose.

If you’re thinking, “This sounds awesome, but it has to be outrageously expensive!”  Think again!  Ghost writing services are typically very expensive. Many times ghost writing services begin at several hundred dollars for short articles and can exceed tens of thousands of dollars for an entire book. However, we offer this service for an extremely low flat rate of only $100 USD per story/article.  So, for only $100 we will professionally write and edit your story/article and publish it in one of our books for world-wide release.  Thus, you will gain world-wide credibility as a published writer for a nominal fee. That’s a great deal!!!

To take advantage of our professional ghost writing services, CLICK HERE to contact us today!

Editing Services

If we desire to publish your submitted writing, but for some reason it is in need of editing, we will contact you to let you know that it does not meet our standards for publication.  Typically, if the repair is something very minor, we will just make the needed correction (at no cost to you) and proceed with publishing.  However, if it is in need of serious or time consuming editing, you will have the option to either make the corrections yourself or have our team make the necessary edits for you.  The benefit to having our team do the editing for you is that you can be assured that when it is finished, it will meet our publication standards. This will prevent your work from being rejected altogether.

So how much will it cost you to have our professional team of writers and editors do the necessary editing work on your story/article?  Surprisingly, it is extremely cheap!  Regardless of the amount of reworking your submission needs, we only charge a flat rate of $25 USD.  That’s right!  For only $25 you can rest assured that your submission will be as professional as it needs to be for publication to a world-wide audience!

If you know ahead of time that your story/article will need editing, then please note on your submission that you are also needing editing services and we will contact you with further information.