Random Book Series

Everyone has a story to tell!!

Why Read Randomly?

teengirl-reading-book2When being presented with the idea of reading a book that has absolutely no theme, no single author and no consistent content, you might have just one question…  “WHY?”  Why start into a book when you have absolutely no idea how the book even begins, much less how it ends?  Well…  The truth is, we all encounter randomness almost every day and to some extent, we even enjoy it!  It’s true!  If you think about it, you wake up in the morning, get dressed and head out to face the day.  The reality is that you have absolutely no idea what that day may bring.  Perhaps it will be filled with many great surprises and perhaps it will hold some misfortunes.  Either way, each day that we face holds an element of unpredictability.  In that regard, randomness may not be something that we enjoy so much, but let’s look at some other aspects of randomness in our lives…

What about when you kick back to enjoy an evening of television?  I’m not talking about the nights when your favorite shows are on at a scheduled time.  I’m talking about the times when you pick up the remote and skip from one channel to the next.  Think about that!  You are watching TV randomly.  You many like a few shows that you pass by and some of them, not so much.  Either way, we all love to sit in our comfy chair and channel surf through the randomness of TV.

Another form of enjoyable randomness is social media.  I don’t know about you, but I can only imagine that your Facebook news feed is as random as mine is.  It really doesn’t even matter if you have all like-minded friends; what you scroll through will be complete randomness.  You’ll find political rants, recipes for various types of food, debates about whether or not to vaccinate your children, humorous videos and memes being shared, good news and bad news status updates from friends and so many more random things.  However, despite the fact that there is no organization to our news feed whatsoever, we actually find it somewhat entertaining.  At least I’m convinced that we do, given the number of hours people spend on social media in a day’s time.

With all the randomness that we expose ourselves to in a day’s time, it just makes sense to actually try reading a totally random book once in a while.  You just never know what kind of inspiration may await you within the pages of a random book.  Perhaps you’ll find the encouragement you need to make it through the week.  Maybe you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for to fix that problem around the house.  Perhaps you’ll learn to do that one thing that you’ve always wanted to learn to do, but never could.  You may learn an oddball factoid that boggles your mind.  You may even read a piece of fiction that sends chills up your spine and keeps you up all night.  No matter what you find inside a “Random Book Series” book, one thing is certain…  You will definitely have an exciting adventure in reading!!