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Everyone has a story to tell!!

Make A Submission

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Random Book Series!
Here are some guidelines to keep in mind before submitting:
  • We cannot publish erotica.
  • We market to a general audience – NO STRONG PROFANITY!
  • We cannot publish anything that slanders a group or individual – DO NOT USE REAL NAMES IN A RANT!
  • Article/story submissions must be between 300-3,000 words.
  • Word count requirements do not apply if you are submitting a non-story (recipe, joke, thought, rant, maze, activity, photo, etc…)
  • Your submission should be proofread multiple times before it is submitted.
  • Feel free to surprise us!  Submit something totally off the wall and if it’s it’s crazy and interesting enough, we will publish it!

To make your submission, send us the following items by email…  

  1. TERMS OF SUBMISSION acknowledgement (See below)
  2. Contact information (name & email address)
  3. A very brief author bio (Must be written in third person, suitable for publishing and no more than 110 words)
  4. The web address of your blog, website or social media address that you would like published under your author bio (If applicable)
  5. The content that you would like published (See above for content guidelines)

Please copy and paste the following to the top of your submission:

I agree that: (1) I am at least 18 years of age; (2) I am the copyright holder/owner of this submission and its contents (including photographs or illustrations) and have the legal right to submit this work for publication; (3) The Random Book Series and its owners/agents are fully authorized to publish this submitted material in any format they should choose (print, digital, etc…); and (4) The Random Book Series and its owners/agents are under no obligation to approve/publish my submitted content.

**Your submission will not be accepted if the above terms are not included.

Send all items in one file in the above order
Accepted formats: Body of Email, PDF, Word Document or Mac Pages Document

Please email your submission to:  submissions@randombookseries.com

Upon receiving your submission, you should expect to hear from us within a week at most, but often times much sooner.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

If you have questions about contributing content to our books and have not yet read our FAQ’s, then please CLICK HERE.