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Everyone has a story to tell!!

Do You Have A Story To Tell?


We believe that everyone has a great story to tell!  No matter who you are, you have experienced things that others can learn from and would love to hear about.  While we love everything from facts to fiction, we believe that personal experience makes some of the best reading material available.  Whether you have learned something the hard way or lived through an extremely difficult situation, your story could change someone else’s life.  Perhaps the idea of writing an entire book about your life experience sounds like a daunting task?  If so, the good news is that you don’t have to write an entire book for your story to reach the masses!  We would love to publish your story in one of our books!

How many times have you written about your experience on your Facebook wall, just to have it forgotten about within hours?  Now you can have your story published in a book, where it will last a lifetime and be read by all who open the book.  Don’t let your heartfelt blog or social media post just fade away…  Submit your testimony or story to us for publishing in one of our books.  Through it, you can reach out to others that may be experiencing the same things that you made it through.  Who knows?  Your story may be what another parent, another man/woman, another drug addict or another future success story needs to inspire them!

Send us your story today so that it can change the lives of many!!

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