Random Book Series

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About Us

RBSlogoWho are we?  Well… The better question is, “Who are you?”  Alright, alright!  We’ll tell you about ourselves first…  The Random Book Series is a series of books that contain total reading randomness.  None of our books have a single author, but instead, contain articles, stories, tips, advice, facts, experiences and other fun stuff from many different random writers.  This gives readers the opportunity to read about many various “random” experiences from a wide variety of people.  This series is the first of it’s kind (to the best of our knowledge) and it’s like the “mystery meat” of the book world…  Ya never know what might be between the pages of a Random Book Series book, but you can bet that it’s gonna be randomly awesome!

EMR400You may be wondering, “Who are the people responsible for this randomness?”  Great question!  The two individuals responsible for such awesomeness in the realm of books are book publishing gurus, Todd Anderson and Eric Roberts.  Combined, Todd and Eric have written well over a dozen books and they have published many times more.  They are certainly not new to publishing the writings of others either…  Todd and Eric are the founders of the 21 Book Series, which is a series of information based books that have been enjoyed by readers world-wide!  While the 21 Book Series was geared more towards publishing informational books, the books in the Random Book Series are chock full of both great information and highly entertaining content.  Another major difference is that the 21 Book Series books were all written by individual authors, as where the Random Book Series books each have as many as one-hundred (in some cases even more) contributors.  This means that all of our books are extremely diverse in content, sure to be entertaining and very thought provoking.

All of our book content contributors are top notch writers!  They all come from a wide variety of places and each bring different writing talents to the TMA400table in our books. When you sit down with a Random Book Series book, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! We are fully confident that you will not only read about things that you already love, you’ll also discover things in our books that you didn’t even know you love! Our books are not just about reading either. They also have plenty of other fun games and activities to keep your brain occupied and entertained!

Anyway…  Enough about us!  We want to know about you!!! Are you a writer? Do you have a story to tell or something totally awesome to share with the world? If so, we just might want to publish your story, advice, rant or whatever else you love to write about in one of our upcoming books!  CLICK HERE to learn more!!